You never would thought she would have done something like that

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replica bags china There are more men who are >1 standard zeal replica bags reviews deviation from the mean than there are women, period, with compsci degrees, which means if you are being “equally selective”, you are going to have a bunch of really talented men paired with a bunch of mouth breathing women, and the men will, in a meritocratic environment, substantially outperform women.If you are equally selective on the basis of talent (even assuming no inherent sex differences but assuming a normal distribution for both), then you will have 6 talented men for every talented woman.So the choices are either skewed sex ratios, skewed performance (and compensation) in favor of men, or forced “equality” in pay and ultimately losing your talented male engineers who will migrate to where the compensation is commiserate with their talents.extremeperson123 1 point submitted 23 hours agoIt a pile of shit 10 miles wide and 20 miles deep and they just keep adding on top of it. Women aren interested in stem!!!!! > offer free stem degrees to literally anything with a vagina (or small minority with a penis), which lowers the quality of the programs because you have to cut out 50 hardworking talented (disproportionately asian) men to pull in literally any self identifying female that passed high school and applied to your engineering program.Then the school has to replica bags philippines make replica bags canada sure they pass, so replica bags seoul professors get threatened with demotions/firings if replica bags wholesale mumbai their pass rate isn good enough. Then they graduate and every firm within a 200 mile radius is begging them to come work for them. replica bags china

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