Of course, there was the small difference of gender;

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By that, I mean it’s a casual, counter service operation where the chefs remain firmly in control. Co owners and chefs Nick Wiseman and Ronen Tenne limit your options to a few add ons, such as a seven minute egg or green schug, the electric Middle Eastern condiment. Their approach essentially eliminates the risk of user generated mash ups in which the final meal resembles a junior high cafeteria dare.

Icing, it turns out, is like flossing: an ingrained practice that seems practical but is not strongly supported by clinical evidence. The oldest justifications for icing, dating to the 1970s, have melted under scientific scrutiny, some cryotherapy researchers say, and most scientific studies on icing haven’t provided the solid results that would justify its popularity. This is true, they say, both for icing for daily recovery and for an injury replica hermes belt uk..

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