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Law is for people, not people for law

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It also says that the evaluations must be conducted on an in

As far as salary goes, it will be less than the hardware and software designers/engineers for sure. But for me I really enjoy the multidisciplinary nature of the role. I do some software stuff, some hardware stuff, a little mechanical stuff. Follow CNNJudge Brian Turpin approved an order for a competency and sanity evaluation that Bernard's court appointed attorney James Martin requested, according to the documents obtained by CNN affiliate WSET.The order says that Bernard is currently in the custody of the Commissioner of Behavioral Health and Development Services. It also says that the evaluations must be conducted on an in patient basis by qualified staff at a hospital designated by the commissioner.Bernard's next hearing has been set for Nov. 6.What police foundThe first report came into police the morning of August 27 after Bernard showed up at his aunt's [...]

Apparently, it one of the best professions to have

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